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Monday, 30 July 2012

Just DO IT!

Every single day for as long as I can remember I get up, and the first thing that pops into my head is my to-do list. Even on a Sunday! Its the bane of my life, as Prof. Moriarty is to Sherlock Holmes, a necessary evil.

I am a big believer in post-its. I think they are best things ever invented after an Ipod. See before I had a smart phone, I'd gone through everything-from a diary to a digital diary, to notes in my bag to a word sheet on the computer, still think post-its just make more sense and look so efficient and yellow.
Its not only for the benefit of getting things done that making a to-do list makes sense, its more about the sense of achievement of taking the first steps to organising, to having a game plan. Whether it be a grocery shopping list or life's big decisions, I've come to realise that since my mother is not around to harangue me to get things done, my lil to-do list is to be given credit for anything that I manage to do in my life.

This friend that I had at university, would take at-least a full day to sit down and sort out her to-do list before starting to study for the exam. She will have all her lil markers, post-its strewn about, sort out her plan of action and then go for it. Makes a lot of sense to be honest. Any action has an equal and opposite reaction, said a really smart guy. Hence anything that we plan to do in our life, has a whole lot of mitigating circumstances, that will affect not only what we do, but what will the outcome be. Thus when there are so many factors affecting our every action, it is only prudent to sort out how we would go about getting it done. Some take planning too far and plan to such an extent that they never find the favourable circumstance to getting anything done. Others “go with the flow” and disappear at the ebb of a tide.

Whichever extreme one looks at, it will not be amiss to say that the best laid plains can fail. No matter how many post-its one makes, and no matter how extreme the risk analysis can be, the unexpected that happens can at times take ones breath away. At times I sit down and think that a year ago in-spite of all my plans, what is happening now is something I had never fathomed. The good or bad of it is besides the point, when one didn't even expect the thing to exist. And at that very juncture, very point, the realisation that hits one is “Man Proposes, God disposes”.

The thing is once we realise how insignificant we are in-spite of all our resources and intelligence of making plans, we are but puppets in the hands of a higher power. Call it Chi, Ubuntu, God, or the Energy of the universe, we have to admit that there is a higher power. Its amusing at times. Makes one feel that there is a boundary made by an adult, and we as children have just so much space to play about, which we think is a lot. Its not.

Its a humbling experience to know that we do not have as much power as we think we do. We cannot plan each and every eventuality. We can try, but then the trial stops at the point where hope, faith and belief start. I am petrified of losing hope. It is what makes us special amongst all living beings. We have hope for something better. Science and Maths can just do so much. All theories of creationism and mathematical theorems, when all the boxes are ticked and everything 'should' ideally pan like clock work, the smallest matter can have a domino effect.
Hope gives us the ability to live, survive and be strong and plan anew, and it should be guarded as a jealous lover, never to have anyone take it away from us.
So as per last weeks discussion with TA, PP, SW and IG, planning an outing on Monday just makes the first day of the week feel like Friday and the rest of the week just flies by. Hence my tomorrow's to-do list includes planning a bowling out with some interesting people and having the HOPE that I will not be bogged down with some impossible deadline at work! ♥♥♥♥

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