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Monday, 30 July 2012

The need to want

Those painful days of watching advertisements of sales in all designer brands before the salary came in were excruciatingly painful to say the least. It almost felt like they were calling out to me like Gollum in Lord of Rings, “Mine”…
So the moment the salary came into my account, the possibilities of the world opened up to me. Mums voice screaming at the back saying that I should save, grew dimmer and dimmer till I was drawn with the tempting words “Sale-50%”. O’ Happy days!
At present I am having a rather “pink” moment.  ♥

Now there is some perverse satisfaction in getting something you really wanted when its 50% off. It’s almost like a personal achievement and the need to brag about it is irresistible. I think the only thing we like more than buying is buying it at half price. Or better still free. We Indians love any thing free, no matter how useless it is. 

In the middle of the my shopping spree with my skull candy on ( my wicked pink and black head phones) I am tempted to think that I do want that bag, and them shoes, and that adorable scarf and If I was to get them all, I would be content. Would I really be, content? Can one really ever be content? The thing is that the entire shopping experience is targeted at easy sobs like us and there is great design at work behined it all. Simple Psychology,  so to speak. So, the reason why the escalator going up is easily accessible but the one going down is almost a mile away, is because it entails one to walk and window shop at all the stores lined alongside. The offers and sales are not there because the kind sales people decided to help us save on those adorable shoes, but, that they’d rather we got the impression we were saving on one, where we end up on spending on 3 more! Calorie filled sweets and tidbits are always lined at the cash counter, because whilst we are waiting for to pay, we can always pick some more things to buy and waste our hard earned money. Even the manner things are displayed everywhere are done to appeal to and subconsciously convince one to buy them.
What do we really need and what do we really have? We have all these clothes and accessories and “thingies” but it’s never really enough. At times this insatiable need to buy drives people to have debts they cannot fulfill. We need very little to survive to be honest, but we wont really be alive unless we clutter it with all the useless junk we think we’d need for a rainy day. Considering how rainy this city is at present, I see people carrying useless jing bangs flouncing about, without a decent brolly or wellies on. So which rainy day are these people actually hording and buying for?
So the shopping centers and streets are all lined with banners announcing sales and how we cannot miss it, while I shall grumble about the Rs 5 increase in the breakfast sprouts price, but would willingly look forward to spending 500 more on those adorable shoes.

Hey, in my defense I am not at fault. After all they are on sale!  ♥

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