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Monday, 30 July 2012

The small things

Ever seen a cat play with a ball of yarn? The yarn itself is fairly easy to handle, but the cat, when it starts playing with it, manages to tangle itself so intricately in the thread that it needs external assistance to extricate itself. We are not so different. Things, most things that is, are fairly simply and straight forward in life. Same goes for our needs. I do not intend on simplifying things, but mainly stating that if our innate ability to romanticise, and make a tragedy out of most things takes a back seat, we might see for what things really are. Simple and small.

Lunch today brought another discussion about how psychology is such an intricate science, how human existence should be something more...and so on and so forth. Now the speaker could'nt really give me an answer “what something more” really meant. The fact of the matter is, something more, means an idea not in existence at present and hence one can be wishful and romantic about it. Interesting thought, and one I don't mind indulging in at times, but could we for one moment consider that maybe there is no great mystery to Human beings after all? We are not so extraordinary. We hunt, gather, procreate, and move in herds same way Neanderthals did and same way most animals do. Because we have the advance ability of speech, we have invented very big words, ideas and further big concepts to implement those ideas making small things into ginormous ones. It seems like we are conditioned to see things under a microscope. I think we are fairly “normal” when we are children, its when we grow is, that we lose the plot.

For one moment, consider what do we really need to make us happy and exist in a given day? Not much to be honest. Constant conditioning has made us forget this very point of not needing much, of not giving importance to small things that make us happy. We spend so much time hurrying from office and back to it, reading big books and finding faults in our psyche ( we are all broken toys) and thinking the delusional thought that all mankind is for some greater higher purpose and this simple little life we live is not good enough. Well its the only one we have, so living in utopia doesn't make much sense does it?

I have come to realise that we need small things to keep us sane. Otherwise we are just little kittens getting miserably tangled in the thread of our little lives, and there is a possibility that help might not come at the right time. Bleak thought as that might be, its something significant to think about.
So whether it is enjoying a good read with a chilled mango smoothie before a play, staring at a tempting chocolate cookie and resolving to stick to eating healthy at the beginning of the week, coming back from work and diligently making a gormalicious sandwich or staring at the beauty of a simple flower bracelet..the point is not how small and silly these things are, the point is, they make me happy and I would strive hard for that brief moment of happiness, as it is indeed brief and fleeting, but unbelievably soul calming.

Tomorrow is yet another day, and depleting financial resources, the awful weather and deplorable transportation in this city can make me question, what's the point of it all, this strife and this misery, we are all going to die anyway!
Fair enough.

I “choose” to leave that question unanswered for now. Instead, I shall hoist my camera, strap on my wellies, and get ecstatic like a court jester at the thought of reading a book by the sea all day tomorrow and enjoying the company of good friends over scrumptious lunch. Might revel as much as we can, after all, we are all going to die anyway.

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