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Monday, 30 July 2012

As pure as rain water

There is something about rains, that is so pure and calm. Its like a new beginning, an opportunity to start afresh. The opportunity might mean deep crevices in Indian roads large enough to house a manatee, but for the sake of not completely blowing my top off on that annoying aspect, I choose to ignore it.

To get back on track, during my schooling years, rainy days were heaven sent. We prayed, to all possible gods for it to rain as hard as possible, obviously hard enough for the school to flood, but not so hard that we cannot go back home! The memories of hot tea, and spicy Indian dough balls will forever remain engraved in my memory. 

Back then we had this terrace with an awning, which we pretended was our shelter. When it would rain hard we played games pretending that it was an air attack and we need to hide in the awning to save our lives. All the cousins strategized and implemented and I got to play safe, being the only girl cousin among loads of boys. Fun times.

The cheerful abandon we had as kids during rains is probably something I will always miss. Splashing in the puddle without a care of messing up our clothes, or rushing into the rain, getting drenched without any care for modesty had its own appeal and uniqueness. 
The drops of water fall from heaven above, washing everything in its wake, giving life. Its for valid reasons that civilizations around the world have worshipped, revered and celebrated the rains. 
As an adult now, its true I really do not fancy getting soaked at all, but watching my nephew splash around today brought back a flood of memories, where us kids would rush into the splashing garden, without paying heed to a word of caution by the adults and giggle with glee. Shopping for colorful macs and matching umbrellas for school before the rains was something we looked forward to months in advance.

So now paying heed to a whole bunch of societal conventions I do not waltz in the pouring outdoors, but I have my own little idea of fun in the rain which this morning involved a ginormous brolly, and me squatting infront of a plant with my camera trying to capture a single rain drop for posterity. Not bad methiks..

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