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Monday, 30 July 2012

I Believe, Therefore I am

Lunch times are occasions of much contemplation, team effort and unity at work. We plan and execute with much gusto, déjeuner is after all a serious matter! So on one such occasion, ZSP hadn’t brought any lunch and I offered to share whatever little curry I had brought for myself. When ZSP looked at the quantity (which seriously was enough for two people with a normal appetite), he mocked it and said how did I ever expect to share it? I tried explaining the concept of Barakah in Islam, that since the earning with which I bought the food was from Halal (Legal means) earnings, Allah will always bless it with Barakah and anyone who joins in will not be left wanting. ZSP mocked my statement with haughty derision, and smirked saying “Whatever rocks my boat”. Funny thing, towards the end, not only did we manage to get more food on the table, but TA joined in, and managed to partake in the tiny curry as well. Moral of the story- We need to believe.

This belief of Barakah had been instilled in my brother and me as we were growing up, same as different beliefs are instilled in children whilst they are growing up, and those beliefs whether cultural or religious are what make us a complete person. CU and I were discussing yesterday and we have come to the conclusion that in todays day and age, how can one rely or trust another when that person has no convictions or beliefs.
I believe.
The above statement is complete in itself. The entire world is pivoted on belief and hope. Growing up with Islamic, social and a whole bunch of other values, many of these have been edited, modified and adapted to suit the needs of the changing times, having said that, it doesn’t matter how far one goes, these very values and beliefs are carried by one as a thread connecting us to who we are. These are our umbilical cords, nurturing and helping us. We are a unique race, because we have an unfathomable, unshakable core of hope. We rise like the phoenix on the thin thread of our beleifs. Its our survival technique.
It is fascinating to see a Hindu family having a small temple in their car even when they live in a very European town, for people to eat whatever they wish but they would refrain from eating meat on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for some sects to submerge people in water pull them out shouting that they have been saved and reborn or to say Athan in the ear of a new born who is not even aware of any sounds around him yet. The point is not of whether these beliefs make sense or not, sense is subjective after all, the point is not also that the rest of the community believes in it. The point is that the person, in his own existence believes and relies on something that he cannot explain, yet knows that some stronger power/ coincidence/ energy of the universe/or some fancy equation has made it work in the past.
If it aint broke, don’t fix it!
Martin Luther King believed in the equality people of all colors, and his conviction drew him to start and push a movement which shook the very core of the world and how it is perceived. We have innumerable examples of people and their convictions around us, because to be honest, what are we without these convictions? We don’t have things and consequences in our hands. We can strategize, plan, forecast and prepare all we want, but in the end we can only have that belief in the hope that it will all turn out ok. That very hope can be the saving grace between the extreme of the fall of mankind and staying afloat. So what if that hope is unfounded and not scientifically correct, as long as that hope is not harmful to anyone and can help one get by from one tough day to another, why not?
When did cynicism assist in someone’s growth and radicalize a group of people to get up in arms to do something, to change the world! Faith in an idea, logic, ones own ability has the power to change the world. Time and again history has been witness to it. Its a force to reckon with.
So yes, maybe the quantity of the curry was not big enough to feed 3 people fully, but my belief that because of my Halal earnings, I shall never be left wanting for the basic needs of life. This has helped me to be able to survive up until today, and Inshallah this very belief will make sure I am fed in the future as well.
Hope floats.

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