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Monday, 30 July 2012

Love the talkies


The new Spiderman movie has been out for a while and I have avoided it as I have been a tad skeptical about it. So after not much thought yesterday I decided to go for it. The entire auditorium was empty at the start and it almost felt like a private screening. After being compelled to stand for the national anthem (forced patriotism is so passé) armed with a nifty pizza in a cone (They call it a Conizza, how quaint!), I decided to head towards the back for the sofa seats (Indian cinemas are rather accommodating almost indulgent in such matters). Kicking off my wellies and settling down in the ginormous sofa seat I didn’t expect much from the movie. What folly! It was so much fun, I loved it! The new guy has done a much better job than the candy faced toy boy Toby Maguire. Whilst I was giggling and chuckling at the well spent 180, I was thinking about all the memories and fun times I have had at the cinemas.  I have been making a mental list of them so here are a few rather colorful ones-

·        Mums idea to take a bus full of us Shahrukh Khan-mad-teenage-girls to watch Dilwale Dulhaniya on my birthday. How we swooned.
·        My first 3D movie Coraline. I cringed and shifted at each object flying out of the screen.
·        My uncle pummeling the head of a guy in the front seat with a coke bottle whilst watching Raja Hindustani, because the guy was trying to hit on my aunt. Bless his cotton picking heart, he would never dare look at another woman again.
·        TAH taking my deodorant in the middle of a full theatre and spraying it in the air, because (and he said that out loud) “The guys feet next to us stank!”  Fair enough I guess.
·        Sitting in the front row, with my college mates, watching Brad Pitt run around in a skirt in Troy. A skirt, methinks never looked better on any other man!
·        Taking up half of the auditorium and watching the first screening of Sex and the City with the girls. Was wicked fun.
·        Trying to conscientiously avoid looking at couples having a nookie next to my cousins and avoiding any of their questions related to the same.
·        The best would be how my eyes went all wonky on seeing all the shiny in Tron. Considering how crazy I am about fast cars, bikes and shiny, that movie made my head spin!
·        My first time in IMAX to watch Mega Mind. It’s unbelievable how massive that screen was, we felt like tiny ants!

In-spite of all these interesting instances, going to the movies has always been a safe, economical albeit rather mundane way to end the day.All said, I am drawn towards the movies like bee to honey. I simply love the smell of fresh popcorn in the air, the previews of attractions to come, the fuss to find the best seats and complain about the leg space.
Considering how hard it is always pouring outside nowadays I am so looking forward to this weekend to complain about being forced to stand up for the National Anthem before a movie preview and then curl up again on a sofa seat and giggle and forget about everything for those 2 hours, and just enjoy myself. 

Nice thought, that! ♥

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