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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Survival Games

My brother, bless him, has some weird fascination of keeping pets, and that too in a cage. Now I am strongly against keeping living beings under cages, actual or otherwise. Living beings are meant to be free, not caged and gawked at. The whole affair is rather depressing really.

That said, the peaceful co-existence of the love birds and this tiny fella and his mates was quite adorable to watch, given the caged surrounding of their habitat. Now, a day ago, the neighboring cat attacked the birds at night and bit off the leg of one of the love birds and injured the little speckled one. It was so sad to see the two of them pathetically shivering in pain. What was fascinating though, was how the injured birds were shunned by the healthy ones. A day ago they were all perched together, now not a single flap around either of them! Worse still, after the passing away of the injured love bird, the speckled fella was actually attacked and pecked at by the one of the love birds, and I had to rescue him. The poor fella had beak injuries all over him and his feathers were all ruffled and pecked at! As corny as it may sound, but I got a very quiet lesson in Survival of the fittest. Guess our feathered friends are not so different from us after all.
When one is in the game, its obvious to see how people clamor around him. The bond, the cohesiveness appears to actually last forever. The first sign of weakness, of not hitting the benchmark, can actually be sensed by people around one. That is when the true character comes forth and one can actually see the eagles honing on the kill. No wonder we try so hard to be in the game, any game, just to prove we can fight, as admitting defeat is a luxury we cannot afford.

Oh the games we play! The games that men ( hereafter used to imply men and women) have been playing since the beginning of time. We compete, we strain, not as a competition with another, but with ourselves to prove we can do it, we can survive, because one has only to turn around to see what fate befalls those who show their weakness. Maritime laws, I am afraid, do not apply to daily life.

Olympics are on and as the entire world watches , it brings to mind this fascinating Indian movie I watched one time, Its called "Shatranj Ke Khiladi". Its about these two wealthy Oudh gentlemen who are avid chess players. The ascension of Oudh ( Lucknow) is in process by the British, but these two men throwing caution to the wind sacrifice all just for that game. The movie is fascinating because the moment the pieces are set, its not about the board anymore, its a game of life. So whether it is about actually admitting ones feelings, personal relationships, or to actually admit one cannot hold the strings of ones life together, the game of ones own survival is a precarious one and has to be played strategically.

So, what if one cant play, or is not well versed with the rules of the game? Hmm, one does not have many choices I'm afraid other than to run for shelter, as eagles can sense their kill from miles away!
For my part, on a lighter note, sink or survive, I love games. Not the scary kind, but the fun ones. At present , Temple Run on my tab has me flummoxed!  As miserable as my score is on any arcade game, the chase, and the drive is amusing and fun. Given the prize I am playing for is not to "sink or survive" the trials and tribulations of a good score are well simulated.

So, I lost one of the many race games, and the little speckled bird lost its life in silence. The price both paid for the games played to survive...

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