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Monday, 6 August 2012

Woes of Spring Cleaning

Oh the mess! I have literally spent all day today, whilst fasting to clean the abominable mess we have in our house. Seems like my family has a habit of hording the unnecessary, worse than the raccoons. Not that I am comparing the two, but the habit is ridiculous! It is amazing how my father resents throwing anything, thinking it will be needed in the future. My question is, if it hasnt been utilized in the past 5 years, its highly doubtful it would be of any use at all. Give that my argument has fallen on deaf ears, the satisfaction of an achievement of such proportions does make me rather tranquil.

Things, usefull and useless seem like an unavoidable excrescence of our mundane existence. We store and we store some more, till one day things become so cluttered that we are a walking talking flea market! Life is difficult as is without storing the unnecessary either in our homes or in our minds. The mind probably has a larger storage space than any and at times it is just essential to focus on something to clear that clutter away and to be able to function in a normal practical manner.

"Shuaq" as the urdu word goes literally means interest. A person without any "Shauq" comes across as incomplete. I refuse to believe that people are without talent and interests and dont have time to indulge in them. As Mark Twain said " A chore is only when makes its so. It becomes an interest when one enjoys it". So no matter extraordinary or ordinary an interest might be, to indulge in it doesnt only make a person more appealing, but acts as a mental hoover to clear away the everyday debris of life and to simply "keep it light".

My mental hoover amongst many things recently has been traying my hand at Calligraphy, in specific Islamic Calligraphy. Not being trained in it, my way is a bit longer, a bit unorthodox, but I am getting there. It fascinates me to no end to have an empty canvass before me and to create something on it. For that period, my brain ignores the deadlines, unpleasant matters, and helps me to focus on creating something beautiful. The sense of accomplishment is immense. I have even tried my hand at Sanskrit Calligraphy for a friend, it has been a pleasure to give such a personalized gift.

Here is a view of my lil handiwork.

So yes there will be clutter, but thats part and parcel of this life I'm afraid, so long as I dont run out of pen and paper, I beleive it will be alright.

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