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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Nougaty centre


Animated movies have always held my interest, way more than normal movies. An interesting one, which sparked last night’s conversation with ZP was Rise of the Guardians which I happened to watch twice! (Shiny, sparky things that Sandman works with held me in wonder throughout. I like shiny)

So there is this one aspect of the movie where Santa (in Alec Baldwin’s awesome booming baritone) asks Jack Frost what his center was? What was it in him to make the man he was? Coming back to the topic at hand, ZP and I were talking about life as we know it and how we deal with it and the conversation came to how do we deal with what we need to deal with, as in what makes us the people we are? It brings a wry smile to my lips when I realize and now accept, we don’t really know what life will throw at us, and when; so when the shock really hits us, and for that moment the breath is literally knocked out of us, what do we do?

I don’t know to be honest.

My way of thinking is everyone has their formula of dealing with what they need to deal with, thus defining themselves. Having met a massive number of people over the years I call my age, I am amazed at how different they are and their reactions were. Fact of the matter is I could not, and cannot determine and control how they would react in situations related to me, or just situations in general. My little formula, wrong or right has been is that most things in life are variables. They change, evolve, merge and create new patterns, much like a kaleidoscope. In all of these variables, a constant is required, a form of controlled chaos so to speak. So my 3 pointer, my anchor is my faith that I will survive, the knowledge that my mother will always support me and give me the correct advice no matter how bitter, and that my Allah will never forgo me. It’s kind of like dodge ball, this dealing with situations. It’s almost like one is standing and balls of all shapes and feelings are thrown at us and we need to dodge them and not be hurt. This three pointer has been my armor. My faith in myself might have at times dwindled, yet my faith in my mother and my Allah has never disappointed me. Recent conversations has made me more conscious how important it is to have that kind of unquestionable support. I personally don’t think that we as people are meant to deal with everything on our own. The cavemen hunted far and wide, yet returned to their little hut, to their loved ones as that comprised their center. My mother’s infallible faith is almost a force to reckon with. It’s at times comforting and scary to see how in instances of adversity she will not say a word but start praying.

Why I am speaking of myself and my mother, is because these two entities I am sure of, and well versed with. I shall not pretend to be knowledgeable and make a generalization and speak of people at large. What I do want to mention here, is that one’s center is ones strength, an anchor to a ship in a wild storm, because at the end of that storm that anchor alone can save the ship, whilst the little boats perish like toy paper boats.

In the history of civilization, we survived, whilst other races perished, because it is in our nature to survive against adversity, and we have done whatever it took to make sure that tomorrow would bring us a new day to live again.

I can’t take on such huge battles, living one’s own life whilst living with oneself is war enough, but it’s always an immense comfort to know that when everything that can go wrong and probably will go wrong, there are some factors which will be constant, and that’s cause enough to fight for.

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